City of Huntington Foundation, Inc.
Greater Huntington Area Wall of Fame
Criteria for Induction
In order to qualify for nomination onto the City of Huntington Foundation’s “Greater Huntington Wall of Fame”, Citizen Achievement Recognition Award, an individual must meet the following requirements: 
     • Be a Huntingtonian, if not native-born, the nominee must have lived int the Huntington area for a minimum of ten years. 
     • Have performed a community service from which the entire Huntington area has benefited. 
     (and / or) 
     • Have achieved national recognition in his or her chosen field and acted as an ambassador for the Huntington area. 
Persons may be nominated from, but not limited to, the following categories: 
     • Arts – Literary, Performing, Visual 
     • Business 
     • Civic (Community) Service 
     • Education 
     • Humanitarian 
     • Science-Medicine, Research 
     • Sports 
Members of the City of Huntington Foundation are not permitted to make nominations. Elected federal, state, county, or municpal officials are not eligible for nomination. The public at-large submits letters of recommendation and other support material for nominees to the City of Huntington Foundation “Greater Wall of Fame” 
The Foundation’s Nominating Committee reviews all submitted materals and recommends their preferred nominees for consideration. Selection of potential inductees is made by ballot of the members present at the meeting and by sealed absentee ballots presented to the President or Chairman of the City of Huntington Foundation, Inc. prior to the vote meeting and opened at the meeting. Either living or posthumous Awards of Recognition may be given. Only one posthumous inductee will be selected each year. 
     • All portfolios must include the following information: 
     • Name, address, and telephone number of proposed nominee (next of kin if posthumous). 
     • A photograph at least 5” X 7”. 
     • A biographical sketch. 
     • Description of accomplishments and other documentation. 
     • Three to five letters of recommendation. 
Maxine Loudermilk, President 
The City of Huntington Foundation, Inc. 
Post Office box 1659 
Huntington, WV 25717-1659 
Or deliver to: 
The Jean Carlo Stephenson Auditorium 
Located on the second floor of City Hall 
Room #5 
Telephone: 304-696-5522 for information.